Microsoft shares tips to boost productivity at workplace

Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly running on a hamster wheel, never quite reaching your full potential in the safety sign printing workplace?

Be it working from a designated spot in the house or dashing out of the door to reach the office, we sometimes struggle to retain attention and not fall behind.

Here are a few tricks to mindfully increase productivity at home or your workplace:

Pause for a moment
Inhale and exhale! Having back-to-back meetings reduces your capacity to concentrate and increases stress.

Our brains need to ‘refresh’ and lessen meeting weariness, which has increased in this post-pandemic world. Taking breaks is crucial for productivity, even though it may seem counterproductive.

Book focus time
It might be difficult to find time to concentrate on work when there are a lot of distractions and back-to-back meetings going on. Block a few hours on your calendar each day for focus time so you can complete work without interruptions rather than trying to cram work into the small gaps between meetings.

Microsoft Viva Insights reduces notifications from Teams chats and calls during certain times. You can even locate and schedule focus time automatically in Microsoft Teams to ensure you don’t miss out.

It’s time to take charge of the time you spend each day and prioritize your tasks accordingly. Pick no more than five hobbies, which could be anything including job, family time, or fitness. Set exact start and end timings for each priority and concentrate on completing as much as you can in those time windows.

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